Clint Beatty for President

Hello, I am Clint Beatty, and I am running for the Presidential bid in 2024. I am not a polished politician, and unfortunately, I’m not a billionaire or even a multi-millionaire. I am an average American who is sick and tired of what is going on in Washington, DC. I am doing this because I am concerned about the future for our children and our country.


I was told this would go nowhere and that I would fail at even getting close to the chance at a run for the White House, but I don’t care. I think it is time that someone steps up that will speak out for us and throw PC out the window. As far as I am concerned, political correctness is another term for a polished lie. Just a way of speaking out of both sides of your mouth. We need someone who only cares about the truth and is willing to speak it.


I am tired of the corruption, the division, and the lies. They are programming us to hate each other. They want to divide us by race, gender, gender identity, politics, religion, income, and so on. They want to divide us so it is easier to stay in control. I call it divide and conquer. This is the most diverse and greatest country in the world, full of the most generous and caring people.

It is proven every time you see a travesty strike, people from all over step up to help their fellow citizens. I think it is time to prove to the media and Washington by showing them we are a great nation with great people.


Turn off your tv and put down your phone. Go outside and meet your neighbors. Spend time with your family and friends. Smile at a stranger and make someone’s day. I am also tired of empty store shelves, high gas prices, rolling blackouts, inflation, lack of security at our borders, being ranked 27th in the world in education, and my list goes on!


As far as I am concerned, none of this should be acceptable. I think we need someone in Washington, DC, who is only motivated by two things, what is best for our families and what is best for our country. I do not believe that is happening right now. I think it is time we unite and give our country back to the people. It is time for real change in Washington. It is time to start holding everyone accountable for their actions! It is time to put an end to all of the career politicians ruling this country. I am willing to stand up and fight for what is right, but I cannot do this alone. Come join our team and let’s start changing the direction for the better. I am doing this because I care about what is best for all of us and nothing else. It is time to put America first!